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Mon 07th Dec 2009

Dear Jon,

Thanks for another great night and please you sung my favorite Kentucky Rain ..

Suzie Wong

Mon 07th Dec 2009

Jon and Ann

Thank you for performing at our Christmas function at the Exmouth Arms in London.

The evening was absolutely fabulous and everyone commented on your superb performance, bringing to life the “spirit of Elvis”.

Word hit the streets that “Elvis Is in The Building” and people we had never met appeared and also enjoy the evening as much as we did.

You made a few mature ladies very happy and even our men folk took to the floor.

As Elvis left the Building a sense of sadness clouded our party. We couldn't get enough so put on our raffle Prize of an Elvis CD. Not the same as having you up there but better than nothing.

You are now the talk of Euston and everyone is still dancing away.

Thanks to both of you for a truly fantastic and memorable night.

Graham & Vicki (BTP)

Wed 02nd Sept 2009

Dear Jon,

Just a short note to thank you so much for your brilliant performance at my 60th. You were absolutely brilliant and made it a won.derful night to remember. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

Wed 19th Aug 2009

Jon & Ann

Brilliant Gig,

Just to say how we we enjoyed last nights gig it was wonderful. Didn't everybody love him. Sherry of course enjoyed it too.

LOve Pam x x

Mon 17th Aug 2009


Before Elvis there was NOTHING...afterwards there was Jon Burrows. What more can we were just as brilliant as we remembered. Thanks for such a great night!!!

Suzy Q & Kav Kavanagh

Tues 11th Aug 2009

Jon & Ann

What can I Say? I have seen you perform in the Orange Tree before but to have you in our back garden was just absolutely magic and worth every single penny. The fact that it was also a surprise for everyone just made it even better. Everyone thought you were absolutely fantastic (Elvis Rocked being one of the comments – I am going to dine out on this night for ages amongst others). Apparently some of our neighbours were out dancing in the street :-) You just made our first wedding anniversary party one of the best evenings we will ever have. The only problem now is that we know we will never now be able to top that!!

Thank you so much for playing everyone's requests – the evening went so quick and I am sure you went over slightly so thank you for that. Also thank you in advance for the pictures you are sending us for some of the children that were there. It truly is those small touches that made the night even better than amazing.

You are all everyone has been talking about and you deserve it!!

All our thanks Fi & Andy

Fiona Barton

Wednesday 19th January 2011 (re Trent Park)

Hi Jon and Ann,

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Saturday night at trent park! we all had a great night and want to do it again soon with the rest of the old gang. Can you please let me know when you will be at Trent park again or that sort of area. Need to get it booked on everyone's calendar asap.

Take care, see you soon!!

Alison, felice & gang


Sat 30th May 2009

Stu & Teresa comments were:

Hi Jon

We came to see you at the homeguards club on May 30th,
It was great seeing you again,
Even though you were suffering with a cold, your performance was superb
You really have a great talent and Teresa and I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the time you
spent talking with us,We will come see you again.

Take care and good luck with the show

Stu & Teresa


Sat 30th May 2009

Stephen Botting comments were:

Hello Jon

Came to see you last night at the Homeguards club on a recommendation from a good friend of mine. As a massive fan of Elvis I thought you nailed it, and was impressed by your range of songs, particularly liked the fact that you did "For the good times" one of my Favourites. I must admit you do have a good look, also your jumpsuits are spot on, and you have the moves of course. Also loved the fact that you took requests. Me and my sister had a excellent time.

Sat 26th May 2009

Helen Conwell comments were:

Dear Jon and Ann

As far as we were all concerned, Elvis came to Mayfield Tennis Club on Saturday night. Thank you so much for such a fantastic performance that had everyone in the house from 3 to 80 rocking and rolling.

From the moment you appeared, as a surprise gift for the 80 year old Birthday Girl, the place was on fire. Having never had a party in her whole life, you made this whole evening so wonderful for Jessie, but also one of the best nights we have ever had at the club. It was just amazing.

As well as a supreme performance, it was the extras that made the night so special….you and Ann took great care to make sure it was a surprise, you made Jessie feel like a million dollars…she couldn't take the smile off her face, you were funny, kind and thoughtful and I can't recommend you highly enough. Thanks again for a night we'll all remember for a long time… was great.

Helen Conwell

Mayfield Tennis Club

Palmers Green

Fri 20th March 2009

Last night was fantastic as usual........... thanks for singing both of my current favourites, 'spinout and 'I got stung'..... WooO HooO!!


Fri 20th March 2009

Saw you for the first time last night ... and it most definitely won't be the last!! An unbelievable and extraordinary performance. A thousand thanks for the best evening I have had in years. Can't wait til the next time ... and I still love you! xx


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