Seeing IS Believing

Jon Burrows was born in October 1964, in Hampshire, England. He was raised in the beautiful countryside surrounding the New Forest, where he lived until he relocated to live in London in 1992.

At the early age of six, Jon first saw and heard Elvis Presley and even though he was just a small boy Jon knew that there was something special about Elvis that touched his whole being.

Through his childhood, adolescence and into adulthood Jon’s admiration for Elvis has continually grown - both for the man and his music.

Jon has always had a natural ability to entertain and he possesses a God given talent for performing.

At the age of 10 Jon regularly performed in his school’s weekly entertainment assembly, singing Elvis songs, and playing guitar. Outside of school he continued to perform his music for the local community at various functions and charity events.

When Jon left school he started work as a truck driver. He drove for many different companies during his late teens and early twenties but no matter where he was working he was always called “Elvis”, on account of his natural looks.

Jon’s likeness to Elvis was always commented on, no matter where he went, no matter what he was doing - and that was without hearing him sing a note.

Jon’s natural likeness to Elvis goes beyond his looks. Jon’s voice has an uncanny likeness to that of Elvis. So much so that, on many occasions, he has been accused of miming - and people are left amazed when Jon proves that everything about his act is real. It is a pleasure to listen to Elvis’ songs delivered in such a professional way, and justice is done to them every time.

There will only ever be one Elvis Presley, and Jon will be one of the first to admit this, as a true Elvis fan himself.

However, Elvis fans that have seen Jon perform are amazed by what they see - the natural looks and the movements and by what they hear. Non Elvis fans are won over by Jon’s performances, not because they see and hear the likeness to Elvis, but because of Jon’s own personality and stage presence, that shine through in every show.

With Jon’s natural looks, voice, personality and talent he is the Ultimate and Definitive Elvis Tribute Artist.




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